About Us

About Us

We Are A Leading Property Solutions Company

The Property Auction Company are part of a larger group of companies that span across just about everything property, from the open market to cash buyers and everything in between.

We founded the auction company because we feel with our experience and expertise, we can do it better. Typically auctions run once a month, and although they sell the service as a quick sale, it depends when you are enquiring in relation to the nearest auction date. We’re all about speed here, running far more regular auctions so you can actually achieve a quick sale.

Honest and Transparent

Passionate Customer Service

Quick & Efficient


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Year of combined experience

The Team

Our Experts

Jessica Buckley

Jessica Buckley

Scott Shaw

Kim Elliott

Nick Crouse

Nick Crouse

We have an excellent team here at The Property Auction Company, full of experienced property experts who have knowledge of a variety of different aspects of the property industry. Above are four of the team members that work closely on the Auction side of the business.

Step #1

Submit your details

Simply navigate to our contact form and fill in the details about your property to get started.

Step #2

Agree a price

We’ll reach out to you and find out more about the property. If we feel it will do well at auction, we’ll agree a price.

Step #3

We'll handle the rest

Once you’ve signed the contract, that’s it, we’ll handle the rest for you!

Trust and Worth

Our Values

We put a lot of emphasis on our values as a company, and what that means for our customers.

Working as a team

Our success is in a large part to the knowledge of our fantastic team. We empower each other to succeed.

Quality customer service

We pride ourselves on being able to take our customers complications away, selling a property doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming when you work with us.

Honest & transparent

It’s extremely important to us that we are honest and transparent throughout the whole process, making it clear and answering all the customers questions, as well as communicating honestly between colleagues and departments within the company.

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